Matthew Leigh Embleton is a Composer, Producer, Musician from London who has been making music in different styles for over 20 years, appearing on many albums and compilations in that time, spanning genres from electronic music to classical and film music.

He traces is interest in making music back to about age 7 when he was given his first keyboard, a copy of 'Oxygene' by Jean Michel Jarre, and a recording of Beethoven's piano sonatas played by Wilhelm Kempff. A love of synthesizers, electronic music, and classical music soon followed.

In 1998 he began working with Alan McDermott under the name 'Sandspider' and produced three albums of experimental and minimalistic electronic music. 'Spider' (Worm Interface Records, 2001), 'Killing Time' (Millennium, 2002) and 'Music For An Imaginary Film' (Millennium, 2004).

After the release of his first solo album 'Snakestyle' (Millennium, 2007) and appearances on several compilations in 2008, he then signed to Alex Tronic Records and released 'Turning Point' (2008 MP3 / 2009 CD).

In late 2009 an ongoing love of Classical and Early Music resurfaced, culminating in experiments with the Lute which began to appear on 'Out Of Bounds EP' (with Chris Jordan) (2011), and 'Snakestyle World Radio' (2011) which ends with the track 'Late Night Improvisation' on which he improvises on the Lute and a digital piano, somewhere between Ambient, Contemporary, and Jazz.

After meeting Susan King and David Van Ooijen at Lute recitals in London, and expressing an interest in collaborating on new music for the lute, they kept in touch, exchanged ideas, and began working together on a blend of Neo-Baroque style compositions, improvisations, and modern Ambient Electro-Acoustic sonic treatments on the 'Music For Lute And Laptop' project, currently available as a series of 4 EPs for Download. Matthew, Susan, and David all performed at the Internationale Luitdagen 2013, Utrecht, on 1st September 2013 at an event called 'Contemporary Music for Lute', with a discussion afterwards.

On 28th July 2014 'Contemporary Works For Solo Lute' was released on Audio Fabrique, featuring Susan King and David Van Ooijen on Lute. Matthew's compositions have also been performed and recorded by other musicians including: Wezi Elliot, Lute, Hong Guo, Piano, Attilia Mazzola, Flute, Steve Metcalfe, Lute, Michael Piraner, Recorder, Stuart Walsh, Lute, Osamu Yano, Guitar

27th March 2020 marks the release of Nordic Patterns, a collaboration between Matthew Leigh Embleton and Tove Aradala Barbrosdotter Buhe-Stam, combining a love of music and norse culture. The collaboration began with a series of field recording sessions in special locations of significant norse historical interest on the island of Gotland in August 2019.

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