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Anglo-Saxon Poems, Charms, and Proverbs: Old English Text, Translation, and Word List

Old English (Ænglisc) is the earliest recorded form of the English language. As a West Germanic language, it was brought to Great Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers in the mid-5th century, and the first literary works date from the mid 7th century.

'Chronicle Poems' found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles comment on significant events such as The Capture of the Five Boroughs, The Coronation of Edgar, and The Death of Edward (the Confessor).

'Metrical Charms' contain recipes and instructions designed to magically resolve a situation or illness, with some sort of action, a medical potion, and chanting and repeating special phrases, such as Charm No.03 Against a Dwarf (fever), No.05 For Loss of Cattle, No.07 For the Water-Elf Disease, No.08 For a Swarm of Bees, No.09 For Loss of Cattle, No.10 For Loss of Cattle, and No.12 Against a Wen.

'The Exeter Book' is a major manuscript of poetry believed to have been produced in the late 10th century, and includes the poems Pharaoh, Alms-Giving, The Lord's Prayer I, The Partridge, Homiletic Fragment II, and Wulf and Eadwacer.

Other Poems include: A Proverb from Winfrid's Time, The Gloria II, Bede's Death Song (Northumbrian Version), Bede's Death Song (The Hague Version), Bede's Death Song (West Saxon Version), Latin-English Proverbs, The Brussels Cross, Cædmon's Hymn (Northumbrian Version), Cædmon's Hymn (West Saxon Version), Thureth, Aldhelm, Durham, A Summons to Prayer, and Waldere B.

This book is designed to be of use to anyone studying or with a keen interest in Anglo-Saxon or Old English, clearly showing how the language works, and the beginnings of what would evolve into modern English. This edition is laid out in three columns, the original text, a literal word-for-word translation, a modern translation, and individual word lists for each poem. Also included is an overall word list with over 1,000 definitions.

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