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Melion: A Medieval Werewolf Tale: Old French Text, Translation, and Word List

The author of Melion is unknown, but it is believed to have been written some time between 1190 and 1204. It is one of around 10 anonymous 'lais' of that time drawing upon Breton and Arthurian myths and legends. These myths and legends often contained elements of the supernatural to ornament what were moral tales of heroism and chivalry. It is written in the Picard dialect of Old French, part of the 'Langues d'oïl' dialect continuum of Gallo-Romance languages. Old French is the result of a gradual separation from Vulgar Latin and Common Romance, coming into contact with influences from Gaulish (Continental Celtic), and Frankish (Germanic). This edition is laid out in three columns, the original text, a literal word-for-word translation, and a modern translation. Also included is a word list with over 1,000 definitions.

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