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History teaches us where we have come from, why things are they way they are now, how we may have improved, how we still have far to go. If we fail to learn lessons from history's many mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them in the future. Also fascinating is the idea of placing your mind in another time and space, and imagining how it would feel if you were there, what would you have done in those situations? How would you have reacted?. The way we look at history changes over time, through the lens of the present, what does that change say about us?

05/02/2021 - The D:Programmed Podcast with Melissa Martell - Episode 40 Pagan Symbols As Political Propaganda with Matthew Leigh Embleton

I was grateful to have been invited to discuss norse culture, runes, and magic with podcaster Melissa Martell in May 2020. This discussion has now been released from the archives. You can watch or listen here. Check out the D:Programmed Podcast for more about The Age Of Cults, Psychology, Human Consciousness & A Touch Of The Occult

"This week on D:Programmed I have dug into the archives on Patreon and found an interview I did back in May of 2020 with author and musician Matthew Leigh Embleton. It was a second part about Norse culture, the first part we talked about Vinland Sagas. In this interview we talk about how devious and evil political agendas have destroyed ancient pagan cultures by using their symbols for evil".

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30/08/2020 - Pirates and Their Flags, The Jolly Roger and The Golden Age of Piracy... Available now on Amazon!

From the portrayal of piracy in popular culture, whether based on fact, fiction, romanticised legend, (from evil antagonist to anti-hero to loveable rogue) or a combination of all of these, we have inherited a set of images conjured up in the mind's eye when we think of pirates, the wooden leg, the parrot perched on the shoulder, the stylised accent from the south west of England, and also the Jolly Roger or the Skull & Crossbones, a powerful image of mortality whose origins can be traced as far back as the late middle ages. The use of these symbols by pirates on their flags was designed to strike fear into their prey and encourage them to surrender without a fight. They were also a form of brand identity that would carry with them the power of the reputation that preceded them. The fact that the Jolly Roger or Skull & Crossbones has been adopted by various military and sports teams around the world, and also as an internationally recognised symbol of danger or poison is testament to the effectiveness of this image. This book examines the origin and evolution of these flags and their common themes and variations, with 67 flags in full colour over 160 pages.

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27/05/2020 - The Secret Door Podcast with Melissa Martell

Language enthusiast, composer, writer, and musician Matthew Leigh Embleton joins the podcast today to talk about his two latest books, Runes: Origins, Evolution, Mythology, Meanings, Divination, and Magic and The Vínland Sagas: Text, Literal Translation, and Word List. We discuss how Norse language was formed and how it evolved, and in several ways it was used within the norse culture. We also get into runes and their practical and magical purposes and much more.

09/05/2020 - Runes, Origins, Evolution, Mythology, Meanings, Divination, and Magic... Available now on Amazon!

Runes are a fascinating example of the ingenuity of language, communication, and symbolic meaning. They show us human nature's attempt to use them as tools of expression, a divinatory means to understand the forces that exist all around us that shape our lives, and our attempts to influence these forces by signifying our intentions to the divine and the universe. They are an expression of the human spirit. They are part of us.

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20/04/2020 - The Vínland Sagas... Available now on Amazon!

The Vínland Sagas offer a fascinating glimpse into a period of exploration and discovery in the Norse world and beyond. This book contains the original texts of The Saga of the Greenlanders (Grœnlendinga Saga), and both versions of The Saga of Erik the Red (Eiríks Saga Rauða) with parallel literal translations. Also included is a Word List with over 3,000 definitions.

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