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The Vínland Sagas (Vínlandingasögur): Norse Text, Translation, and Word List

The Vínland Sagas (Vínlandingasögur) contain two Sagas, The Saga of the Greenlanders (Grœnlendinga Saga), and The Saga of Erik the Red (Eiríks Saga Rauða) which tell the story of the Norse discovery of North America. The story includes the events leading up to Erik the Red being banished from Iceland and discovering Greenland. Following the accidental discovery of lands further west of Greenland, there are a number of expeditions to explore and settle these lands. These stories survived by oral tradition over several centuries before being written down in the 13th Century. They are preserved in the Hauksbók, the Skálholtsbók, and the Flateyjarbók. This book is designed to be of use to anyone studying or with a keen interest in Old Norse or Old Icelandic, clearly showing how these languages work, and the influence of these languages on English. Both Old Norse and Old Icelandic versions are included. This edition is laid out in three columns, the original text, a literal word-for-word translation, and a modern translation. Also included is a word list with over 1,000 definitions. Also available in this series: The Saga of Erik the Red (Eiríks Saga Rauða), and The Saga of the Greenlanders (Grœnlendinga Saga).

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