Matthew Leigh Embleton

Composer, Producer, Musician


Op 01 Journey in d-minor

Published May 2012, The Lute Society

Published Nov 2012, Il Societa Del Liuto, Rivista, Numero 5, ISSN 2280-9392

(i) Introduction in d-minor

(ii) The Pursuit in d-minor

(iii) Looking Skyward in d-minor

Op 02 Nocturnes in d-minor and e-minor

Published Jul 2012, The Lute Society

(i) Nocturne in d-minor

(ii) Nocturne in e-minor

Op 03 From Depth in a-minor

Published Jan 2013, The Lute Society

Op 04 Nocturnes in f-minor and g-minor

Published Jun 2013, The Lute Society of America, Quarterly 48, No 3, Fall 2012

(i) Nocturne in f-minor

(ii) Nocturne in g-minor

Op 05 Small Floating Crafts in c-minor

(i) Introduction

(ii) Interlude

Published Sep 2015, The Lute Society of America, Quarterly 50, No 1 & 2, Spring & Summer 2015

(iii) Conclusion

Op 06 Journey in a-minor

(i) Arpeggiata in a-minor

(ii) Cloud Level in a-minor

(iii) Eternal Recurrence in a-minor

Op 07 Journey in c-minor

(i) Introduction in c-minor

(ii) Interlude in c-minor

(iii) Conclusion in c-minor

Op 08 Nocturne in c-minor

Op 09 Fragments of a Lake in d-minor

(i) Tasmanian Lake in d-minor

(ii) Fragments of a Lake in d-minor

Op 10 Extransience in d-minor

Op 11 Victoria Park, December 2005 in e-minor

Op 12 Late Night Sky

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