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Musician, Composer, Producer, Language and History Enthusiast, and Author

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FolkloreDark is a collaboration between podcaster Melissa Martell based in Vancouver, Canada, and Leticia A. Martinez, a holistic healer and esotericist based in San Diego, California. The podcast explores folklore around the world, including myths and legends, verbal tradition, material culture, customs, child lore and games, and folk history. Contributions, interaction, and sharing is encouraged via the Facebook Group. Matthew composed and produced the podcast's retro horror theme tune, complete with a narrated poem.

05/05/2022 - FolkloreDark: Absinthe Folklore. Thursday 5th May. I am honoured to be a part of the inaugural episode of Folklore Dark, talking with Melissa and Tiare about all things Absinthe. A spirit shrouded in myth and notoriety, very much misunderstood. We look at the history, the art it inspired, and bust a few myths along the way, from which stories to believe to how to drink it.

02/04/2022 - FolkloreDark appear on the Talking Weird podcast. Melissa and Leticia appear as guests on Talking Weird with Bertram and Jenn Dorrell to discuss the upcoming FolkloreDark podcast.

Matthew has also been fortunate enough to have appeared as a guest on some of Melissa's other podcasts:

03/10/2021 - The D: Programmed Podcast with Melissa Martell

"Join us for Halloween's Spooktober. Tonight guest Matthew Leigh Embleton is here to discuss his book and werewolves in myth and French literature!"

22/07/2021 - The D: Programmed Podcast with Melissa Martell

"Author and composer Matthew Leigh Embleton is here to discuss his latest book, A Brief History of Opium. Matthew will go into the history of opium, including it's influence over artists, it's highly addictive quality, wars fought over it, and how the CIA was involved in the trade!"

05/02/2021 - D:Programmed Podcast with Melissa Martell - Episode 40 Pagan Symbols As Political Propaganda with Matthew Leigh Embleton

"This week on D:Programmed I have dug into the archives on Patreon and found an interview I did back in May of 2020 with author and musician Matthew Leigh Embleton. It was a second part about Norse culture, the first part we talked about Vinland Sagas. In this interview we talk about how devious and evil political agendas have destroyed ancient pagan cultures by using their symbols for evil".

27/05/2020 - The Secret Door Podcast with Melissa Martell

"Language enthusiast, composer, writer, and musician Matthew Leigh Embleton joins the podcast today to talk about his two latest books, Runes: Origins, Evolution, Mythology, Meanings, Divination, and Magic and The Vínland Sagas: Norse Text, Translation, and Word List. We discuss how Norse language was formed and how it evolved, and in several ways it was used within the norse culture. We also get into runes and their practical and magical purposes and much more."

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