Minnie Rogers


Minnie Rogers is a talented and flexible vocalist with a broad range of influences and vocal styles. From ambient and electronica through to rock & roll and soul, she's been singing as long as she can remember.

Presenter / Voice Artist

Currently appearing on Rock-it Radio 99.1 FM and over the internet, broadcasting music from the first era of Rock & Roll, The 1950s and early 1960s, featuring on a number of jingles in a multitude of different characters and voices.

She's also provided voices for radio shows 'Momento Chill' on 'Electro Groove' (superestacion.fm, bogota, colombia), and 'The Existentialists' on Fluid Radio (www.fluid-radio.co.uk), she's even appeared on 'The Chart Show' with the band Ouch! (the video was also featured on Sky News).


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