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Old Norse and Old Icelandic

Hávamál: The Sayings of the High One

ISBN 979-8884173972

Old Icelandic Tales 1

ISBN 979-8863445304

Old Icelandic Tales 2

ISBN 979-8863445328

Old Icelandic Tales 3

ISBN 979-8863445342

Old Norse Word List

ISBN 979-8546167721

The Book of Icelanders

ISBN 979-8863545455

The Saga of Erik the Red

ISBN 979-8863545844

The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue

ISBN 979-8863745541

The Saga of Hen-Thorir

ISBN 979-8320738123

The Saga of the Gotlanders

ISBN 979-8863546544

The Saga of the Greenlanders

ISBN 979-8863546933

The Saga of Thorstein the White

ISBN 979-8884457607

The Sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok

ISBN 979-8863717746

The Tale of Ale-Hood

ISBN 979-8883332875

The Tale of Auðun of the West Fjords

ISBN 979-8882897993

The Tale of Bolli Bollason

ISBN 979-8884054721

The Tale of Halldor Snorrason II

ISBN 979-8883354372

The Tale of Helgi Þórisson

ISBN 979-8883137920

The Tale of Hreiðarr the Fool

ISBN 979-8883902061

The Tale of Ívarr Son of Ingimundr

ISBN 979-8883015785

The Tale of Sarcastic Halli

ISBN 979-8884342873

The Tale of Star-Oddi's Dream

ISBN 979-8884043589

The Tale of the Greenlanders (The Tale of Einarr Sokkason)

ISBN 979-8883947154

The Tale of the Story-Wise Icelander

ISBN 979-8883000170

The Tale of Thiðrandi and Thórhall

ISBN 979-8883111838

The Tale of Thorlief the Earl's Poet

ISBN 979-8883809360

The Tale of Thorstein Shiver

ISBN 979-8883044488

The Tale of Thorstein Staff-Struck

ISBN 979-8883233400

The Tale of Thorsteinn House-Power

ISBN 979-8863546544

The Vinland Sagas

ISBN 979-8863722078

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