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Ancient Rome Refocused (with Rob Cain)

01/05/2023 - Episode 35 'Gladiatorial Games at Starbucks'

01:17- 10:03 Matthew Leigh Embleton and the History of Latin, Pt. II.

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08/02/2023 - Episode 32 '13 Strings on a Renaissance Lute'

An interview with Matthew Leigh Embleton, composer, musician and writer out of Kent, England. Rob Cain and Matthew discuss Ancient Latin, the Vikings and assorted historical observations. Matthew discusses his favorite 'epochs'.

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02/12/2022 - Episode 31 'Down and Out in Ancient Rome'

10:46 - 14:00 In this episode Matthew gives a lecture on Runes and the early Roman Alphabet

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03/11/2022 - Episode 30 'Unsettling Music on the Jubilee'

02:10 - 09:22 Included on the show is a mini-lecture by Matthew Leigh Embleton on the History of Latin.

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02/01/2022 - Matthew Leigh Embleton to join the storytelling team at Ancient Rome Refocused

"For Season 6 of Ancient Rome Refocused composer and writer Matthew Leigh Embleton will be joining the podcasts to deliver lectures on his favorite subjects about the ancient world. Embleton has been a welcomed Ancient Rome Refocused contributor for many years, and now he will drop in via Kent, England, with his unique and eye-opening views of Mythology, Runes, Opium and Latin".

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28/01/2021 - Ambient Improvisation on a Lyre

28/01/2021 - Ambient Improvisation on a Kinnor

12/07/2020 - Matthew Leigh Embleton - 'Batrachomyomachia' (with Minnie Rogers)

11/07/2020 - Minnie Rogers - 'The Siren'

02/10/2020 - Episode 22 'Mice and Frogs Behaving Badly'

The Batrachomyomachia or Battle of the Frogs and Mice is a comic epic, or a parody of the Iliad, commonly attributed to Homer. Matthew provides music for this episode in the form of a special piece 'Batrachomyomachia'. The march of the percussion suggests the image of each side marching into battle. Minnie Rogers sings like a siren with the muse of Euterpe in this hauntingly beautiful dream-like piece. Inspired by the classic Hollywood films portraying the mythology of Ancient Greece.

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18/05/2014 - Matthew Leigh Embleton - Shades of History (Audio Fabrique)

Artwork by Mike Embleton

Track 01 - Hymn To Mithras (Ambience of Ancient Rome) - 07:00

Track 02 - Spanish Voyage (Ambience of Renaissance Spain) - 09:30

Track 03 - Hymn To Saturn (Ambience of Ancient Rome) - 07:00

27/05/2013 - Episode 12 'Venus and Imaginative Archaeology'

In this episode Venus (the statue of the goddess) takes us on a journey across time. Matthew provides music for this episode in the form of 'Hymn To Mithras (Ambience of Ancient Rome)'.

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