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The Snakestyle project began in 2005 with a series of demo recordings that gained the interest of Millennium Records, leading to a self-titled album and appearances on several compilations. After appearing on the compilation 'Future Memories' on Interchill Records with the track 'Neutral Buoyancy', the album 'Turning Point' was picked up by Paul Croan of Alex Tronic Records. Many collaborations with other artists soon followed.

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31/03/2021 - Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year (Snakestyle Instrumental)

On the 16th March at 19:00 PDT (17th March at 02:00 GMT) DJ Maggie Moon showcased this new tune during her live stream mix ::FLOW:: Gentle, spacious rhythms for creative focus and relaxation. A fantastic space for all those who love good chilled out electronic music. Thanks to DJ Maggie Moon for the continued support and good vibes for many years now.

16/03/2021 - Snakestyle & Alex Tronic - Drum & Bass Sessions

A drum & bass mix of tracks by Snakestyle & Alex Tronic, featuring vocals by Shuna Lovelle, Sally Stapleton, Kirsty Brown, and Minnie Rogers.

01 Alex Tronic & Shuna Lovelle - The Strangest Times 00:00:00 - 00:04:54

02 Snakestyle & Minnie Rogers - Maelstrom 00:04:08 - 00:09:02

03 Alex Tronic & Becki Bardot - Ibiza Island (feat Sally Stapleton) 00:08:17 - 00:13:11

04 Minnie Rogers - Mercurial 00:12:25 - 00:17:19

05 Alex Tronic vs Leith Bass Team - Everywhere I Go (Feat. Kirsty Brown) (Wherever Mix) 00:16:34 - 00:22:35

06 Phobotronik & Hydra - The Feeling Takes Over 00:21:50 - 00:26:21

07 Minnie Rogers - A Rainy Night In London 00:25:36 - 00:31:37

16/03/2021 - Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - Interview with Mas Jenkert of Jenkert's Podcast

Matthew Leigh Embleton and Tove Aradala talk to Mas about the latest single 'I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year'.

Thanks to Mas for your interest in our music and your support!

15/03/2021 - Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year, (Alex Tronic Records)

Snakestyle (Matthew Leigh Embleton) and Tove Aradala (High Priestess and Daughter of the North Winds) continue their collaboration and exploration of electronic music and ancient northern traditions. 'I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year' may be recognisable to some keen listeners, having been sampled in their 'Nordic Patterns' album track 'Hoburgsgubben'. Here the song is given the full Snakestyle treatment, complete with a 3/4 groove with addictive spaced out percussion, deep bass, and swirling synthesisers, including an instrumental version, and the original vocal recording.

01 - I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year (Snakestyle Remix) - 09:00

02 - I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year (Snakestyle Instrumental) - 09:00

03 - I Dance the Circle a Wheel of Year (Original) - 04:16

21/12/2020 - Alex Tronic (Feat. Shuna Lovelle) - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Remixes), (Alex Tronic Records)

01 - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Radio Edit) - 03:05

02 - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Remix) - 05:00

03 - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Instrumental Mix) - 05:00

04 - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Dub Mix) - 05:00

05 - The Strangest Times (Snakestyle Drum & Bass Mix) - 05:00

18/12/2020 - Snakestyle - Glacies Dissolvit, (Alex Tronic Records)

Snakestyle aka Matthew Leigh Embleton has just completed a series of remixes of Alex Tronic and Shuna Lovelle's 'The Strangest Times', and continues here with this track entitled 'Glacies Dissolvit', a deliciously intense 6/8 groove continuing his theme of inspiration and imagery of frozen northern landscapes, with sounds of ice melting and shattering set against hypnotic and addictive beats, and warm atmospheric backing vocals. Ice cold headspace music with intelligence and style.

27/11/2020 - Snakestyle - Aurora Borealis, (Alex Tronic Records)

Snakestyle aka Matthew Leigh Embleton returns with this track entitled 'Aurora Borealis'. Inspired by a trip to Reykjavik in Iceland, it's an upbeat groove awash with Snakestyle's trademark of luscious swirling analogue synth sounds, warm bass, and ice cold mechanical mastermind rhythmical programming. Definitely one for stargazing on those cold winter nights.

27/03/2020 - Snakestyle & Tove Aradala - Nordic Patterns, (Alex Tronic Records)

01 Visby - 08:00

02 Kutkäldu - 03:00

03 Gnisvärd - 11:00

04 Klangstenen - 07:00

05 Kovik - 04:00

06 Hoburgsgubben - 09:00

07 Trullhalsar - 08:00

08 Meadows Of Ran - 09:00

09 Shamans Of The North - 03:00

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